Majestic Moments on the World Stage in Dubai

Back in March 2022 TKC received the amazing opportunity to travel to Dubai to be a part of the opening and closing of the New Perspectives Exhibition, hosted by @expo2020dubai & @cartier celebrating the central role and key achievements of women throughout...

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Monte Carlo Nights

It’s been almost two years, but TKC finally made it out of the UK and got to spread a little love, hope and inspiration overseas! We had the privilege of being invited, by none other than Albert ll, Prince of Monaco, to support an amazing event in the benefit of the...

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Words From Wise Men

Hi all! Hope you're having a blessed and joy-filled Christmas season, despite our current circumstances. 'Tis the season of hope, love, peace and goodwill, and although it may be a bit of a bleak midwinter in some ways, there is so much to take from this season. We...

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The Deep Roots of Victory

In the Christian faith we have a lot of names for Jesus. Some of them you may be more familiar with like "Son of God" or "God with us (Emmanuel)", or even in-keeping with the Easter theme "Messiah". But one name that we rarely call him is Man of Sorrows. Those were...

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